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We are delighted you stopped by and we hope you have a very rewarding experience. Aside from our Blog posts, there are other articles/video &audio messages in the Resources page to help your relationships.
It is our intention to be as real as possible with all our posts so that everyone can learn and draw from the vast amount of the experiences we have encountered over the years.

You will sometimes find some food for thought, something to laugh about, to cry about or something that will bring back memories. However we guarantee, you will not have wasted your time because you will always find something inspiring, in addition to making you become a more sensitive person. These will hopefully translate into you having better and healthier relationships. In essence , we see you being a “regular” on this website like Oliver Twist wanting more. And that will be quite a challenge to rise up to but no worries as this is exactly our passion here! 
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We   are passionate about healthy relationships and so use the medium of stories primarily, to  bring about change  in the attitudes and lives  of people.


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