About Us

About Us

DISHUSBANDMATA started as a blog in 2011 . About this time, it was only Grace Tom-Lawyer who wrote articles. Grace did this under the pen name “Gracillis” which is a name she acquired in her third year in medical school as an undergraduate.

“Gracillis started the blog out of a burden of the state of relationships around her. People did not seem to be getting the best of their relationships chiefly due to ignorance . However she noticed that the conventional methods of acquiring knowledge did not appeal to many .”

Sometimes in a bid to look like they have it all together, most people would not attend a relationship seminar or read relationship books to enhance and better their relationships. She discovered that the idea of reding about the experiences of others in a story form with the responsibility of drawing their own lessons held a greater prospect for most people. This is why she began to write several articles , sharing her stories with a vulnerability that has appealed to many over the years . This exposure has helped to demystify any myth that the experiences of people are peculiar to them and the ability to identify with the struggles of others has eased the emotional burdens people face. She was however plagued with several obstacles and responsibilities and was unable to continue maintaining two separate blogs (the other being Flourish) and eventually took a break . However in 2016, she connected with a group of ladies who decided to plug in but this arrangement hardly ever took off, resulting in an epileptic pattern of posts publication .

But God smiled on the project again and brought in more people (check Meet the team ) who  shared her burden and their commitments to share their stories  have made it possible for a post to be published every Friday since 2017. Some of these posts  have come from some one-off  Guest contributions but on a constant basis, Dishusbandmata  is always on the watch out for new stories and writers, especially from individuals who share the same values

The writers at Dishusbandmata uphold the   values of the Bible but this is not to say our lives are perfect or we behave perfectly at all times. Just a quick read at some of our posts will quickly convince you  that we are ordinary people like you, wanting to make the best of our relationships.


About from regular post on the blog, Gracillis is always ready to give a listening ear to anyone with relationship issues and also takes the time to pray with individuals when they request. She also spends some of her time counselling and helping individuals to walk through relationship issues.

Every story is unique but in my story, you see some parts of your story. If you have a story you believe will help others , please write to stories@dishusbandmata.com

Authencity  is the key to being your true self.

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