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Be Prepared 3

Wow, January really flew past and it is hard to believe this is the last Friday of the month! Well, that means most of us have been paid and are probably more relaxed. We survived and have found time now to read our favourite blog. And yes, we have missed you too.

So we have been talking about being prepared and just as we round up this month, perhaps we should end on the note of being prepared for good things. And when I say that, I mean sometimes the simple things along the way we can do that can just make someone else’s day. Sometimes even a simple hello can go a long way.

You see the second weekend of this year was eventful.

A neighbour of mine (3 streets away) had his wife put to birth at home in the early hours of Saturday January 9th morning 😳before the arrival of the ambulance. She had already been scheduled for induction for the Monday, January 10th.

Talk of earlier than expected blessings! ❤️

Did I hear you say “I receive it”?🙏(spot diagnosis for church folks) 😂

But in the midst of that early (3:17am) delivery of the baby, all the family had to be bundled to the hospital including their 2-year-old daughter.

If you are in this clime, you will know only parents and the baby are welcome My neighbour does not have any family around and when I saw his text, I knew I had to go and get their child till they return home. I did that just before 7am that morning as I was due for work that day.

Looking back now, I realize the power of a simple hello.

I met this gentleman 5 months ago.

On one single day, we passed by each other on three separate occasions and by the third time, he approached me and introduced himself and his daughter. Alas, they were Nigerians! Even from the ancient Benin kingdom where I did most of my schooling.

Just a little hello from a stranger and then some months down the line, one reaps the benefit of a much-needed help.

I think it is kind to meet people and greet them by introducing ourselves. It says that we respect and acknowledge them as individuals and this year, we must be prepared to do this more.

This year is not a year to be waiting for who will greet first. The stranger we say hello to today might be the door for our much-needed change. And do you know that after the family returned from the hospital, I went for a visit. By the time I arrived, this neighbour was on the phone and later he told me he was talking to a friend who is like a brother who schooled in Benin. Long story short, I found out he was talking to a former high school classmate. I even chatted with this classmate later after about 2 decades .

Talk of a small world and we can all nod our heads.  It makes me wonder if any of these good things would have happened if we just passed each other three times that day and never felt the need to just say a simple hello.

But if we flip the coin around. I could have been nasty to him only to discover later he is a friend and a brother to someone I knew. Sadly, this is something that is very prevalent on social media.

This should also be a year for us to decide not to be nasty to people on social media. There is no need insulting strangers on social media or even anywhere.  I am amazed at the torrent of insults and the choice of words that some people use when trying to express their views or disagree with others on social media. That person you insult might just be your interviewer in the next job interview (or potential mother-in-law) and I do not need to tell you that they would probably recognize your name with undesirable consequences! And  it will definitely not be the fault of  your village people !

So be prepared to introduce yourself this year without waiting for someone else to say hello first. It could just be the step you would need and the bridge between your next big deal.

This year let us make room for new friendships and sometimes, just a simple hello, is all we need to say. We all need to come out t of our shells and take that little step to be friendly, without giving the excuse of previous hurts.

Just say ” name is Gracils” 😜 (don’t impersonate me though)

A smile, a nod, a simple hello…

That in itself is kindness.  There is something about acknowledging people and saying hello to them first. It is a little word, but there is so much power in saying “hello” and that t is something we can all be prepared  do .

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