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And so as I was preparing for my first Instagram Live, I was trying to get the pictures right for the flyers. I had two pictures to use but a lot of my friends seemed to prefer one of them. But when the flyers came out, we had to try with the picture which was not initially picked and it eventually came out better.

My sister’s daughter happens to be a beautician and she had a look at my pictures. After doing some adjustments, she advised me to take care of my eyebrows(something. I have never really paid much  attention to my eyebrows because I hardly ever got them right whenever it came to make-up time

I was pleasantly surprised when she informed me that she would help me with a little tutorial

I am sharing this tutorial with us and hopefully, it should help a  naive chic like me to get it right. It is ok to share it with another lady who wants to look beautiful also.

Below is what she wrote-

A  good percentage of ladies struggle with one major thing when it comes to some aspects of makeup especially when it comes to the drawing of the eyebrows correctly. In the video link, provided  You will learn how to draw your eyebrows with ease.

But please remember. mistakes are inevitable when it comes to drawing your eyebrows, so enjoy the process

Tools Needed

-eyebrow pencil



-Concealer brush/Anhle brush


-big concealer brush/blending brush

powder/brow filler

hairwax/brow tamer/brow gel

She is very social, and below are her contact details.

YouTube- Beginner friendly brow tutorial

Instagram –Instagram-Asapetem


MakeUp Instagram; Instagram Make-up Facebeat 



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