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Begins in the kitchen.

During my undergraduate days ,I had a flatmate who was a deeply spiritual sister whose godliness also was taken on the outward appearance with the elimination of jewelry and all forms of make -up. She was also engaged to a brother of the same denomination. So I was very surprised one day when I saw her with a book titled “Sex begins in the kitchen”.It was a very intriguing title and she assured me that it was an interesting book. I gave her the money to purchase a copy for me also byt when she returned from the market ,she searched frantically for the book which she claimed she purchased but could no longer find. I could not afford another copy and ended up not reading the book until several years later.

But as the years have passed by and I have read several books on relationships, most of the authors seem to agree that the issue of sex is not an isolated event for a woman. Rather its success would be dependent on several other factors along the way and in her day that could make or mar the grand finale.The unique ability of a woman to multi task is also under guided by the fact that the several compartments of her life are ultimately linked together and as such it would only be wisdom for her male counterpart to ensure that these other areas are also covered.

There is surely something that translates more to a woman when the man in the house helps around especially in the room where she is allegedly said to spend most of the time. The engagement of a husband in the duties of the home do not only show the woman that she is actually thought of as a human being but also enables her to free up some energy for the other matters.

But sometimes in reading several books we might end up with the generalities and what happens in most cases forgetting our partners are unique. The ability to find out the uniqueness of a partner could also go a long way in preventing frustration and disappointment. A friend once shared with me that when she lost her mother in law, her husband put an embargo on sex on the premise of being grieved which is quite contrary to what the books say an average man will do.

Talking about the books, those days most books had the idea of romance being the woman at home , taking care of everything and few minutes before her sweetheart returns, she has cleaned the home, tidied the children’s toys,set the food on the table, had a bath and armed  with his favourite lipstick and perfume opens the door! Well these days actually find both partners out of the house for work and returning sometimes at the same time or even much later .he woman has not been home all day and has spent majority of the day dealing with bosses, colleagues, customers without the choice to choose only the pleasant species.
This may leave her with little or no energy and as such ,starting to help her out in the kitchen may be the greatest romance strategy.It may also be necessary to know your wife’s own peculiar kitchen where she needs your help and input.

There was this very interesting advert that was present in the nineties . depicted a couple in bed and the husband touching his wife to indicate that it was time for the necessary. She looked perplexed and was about to open up her mouth but he brought out a glass of water and some analgesic(Panadol.This I believed covered her excuses and if we do not want to have to go down that route at night , then let us ensure that we begin where it really begins and for most women, it is the kitchen.

This advice has been written to be put into practice   by married couples only

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