No To Abusive Relationship

No To Domestic Abuse

No To Depression

C.A.D.A has been borne out of the womb of dishusbandmata to help  people of the  Christian faith  who are experiencing  domestic  abuse .We seek  to help with information that would enable individuals  become knowledgeable  about the different types of abuse  and what the Christain faith actually teaches about abuse. This would enable people become   equipped so as to make informed and intelligent decisions for themselves . C.A.D.A also sign posts individuals to several other resources and organizations that can assist with domestic abuse issues and other aspects of related care .

C.A.D.A at the moment is raising awareness of the prevalence, ills and  effects of domestic abuse in churches with practical steps to deal with these issues . She seeks to help faith -based individuals who sometimes find themselves unable to ask for help in their faith   communities. Most of these individuals find it difficult to obtain assistance   in their churches due to ignorance , wrong doctrine  and  a general misunderstanding of the subject of domestic abuse in most churches .

The work of C,A,D,A is non-denominational and sometimes involves interfaith communities. We  are currently  working with other faith based organizations on the subject of spiritual abuse.

 As long as you are a believer in Christ , you are part of the church and automatically part of C.A.D.A. 

To find out about how you or your church/organization  can become involved, please visit the C.A.D.A website on

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