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    That “other ” Woman

    We hate the other woman. Usually, we do not even know that she exists. Somewhere deep down inside we wonder because society has told us since we were children that all men cheat.   All men cheat.   This singular notion is probably responsible for the breakdown of most relationships. Both men and women hear this and it plays out differently for both sexes. For the man, it is a ready justification not to fight unfaithfulness. A ready excuse that exempts him from culpability because apparently his nature is prone to adultery. For the woman it is a complex mix of distrust, feelings of inadequacy and guilt. Yes, guilt. Somehow…

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    Pornography-a bedroom enemy

    Almost all of us will agree that being cheated upon is not a pleasant experience and as such, we would find no qualms in labelling the offender. Being the source of betrayal, we treat them as enemies, whether or not we have seen them. Curiosity usually gets the best of us and most times, we want to know who the offender is. Sometimes for ladies, we might want to see the “thing” so as to know how we compare to her. What is it about her that ticks the box? Is she prettier, more richly endowed or is she one with a size 6-8 figure? For men, they would probably…

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    Un-break my heart

    Some years ago when I lived in Hull, some friends came visiting and after sometime we started singing or perhaps. I started the song. The lyrics were a bit wrapped as myself and one of the visitors friend sang the popular Tony Braxton’s  song as “Come break my heart “.   Un-break my heart Say you’ll love me again Undo this hurt you caused When you walked out the door And walked out of my life Un-cry these tears I cried so many nights Un-break my heart My heart Luckily the second friend who was present corrected us and we were informed it was Unbreak my heart . We shared…

  • Betrayal,  By Gracilis,  Single Life

    Me, a Side chick?

    My dear sisters, With the way guys are doing these days, you gotta ask them: * Are you single single, Mad at her single or Long distance single? Ask him, * Are you married? * Is Someone married to you? * Are you married without your knowledge (lol)? * Is there someone that you are attached to in a married way? Are you engaged?… Did you propose to someone?… Is there someone hoping to be engaged to you? Are you unsure of the feelings you have for someone? Talk ooo Better ask o!!! Copied.                                …

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    Been there ,too

    I come from a broken home with both parents remarried. I was the only child between them. I was very lonely growing up because my siblings from both my parents were my half brothers and sisters and I was always seen and treated as the outside so I never really belonged anywhere. I had vowed even before I met Christ that no child of mine would experience the kind of life I had. Being a Christian helped to reinforce my decision. I would marry a God-fearing woman who loved God and will honor our marriage. A nagging voice at the back of my mind kept  whispering  to me that divorce…

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    The Escape and the ‘Adieus’

    Here’s a conversation between old classmates from a sitcom I watched a few years ago. “You stole my boyfriend! You stole the life I could have had! I had a good thing going and you just came in, offering what I couldn’t give him, and you took him away from me!!!” “Yes, I did, and I took the AIDS he should have given to you as well!!!”  And then there was silence. Hindsight is an amazing gift.  That moment when you realise how close you came to making a huge mess of things – priceless. In some cases, you might even want to thank the person who took the bullet…

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    Another Woman?Fight the right battle! 2

    Bibiana continues her story here. Read the post below which is the start. ……It wasn’t like there were no ‘toasters’ but none felt right.  There was also to be a period of prayer before taking the plunge because I had established early on that I was not interested in playing field or trying my luck.  It’s got to be marriage minus the extended courtship. God is amazing, He gave me a  husband who believes in family and had had some experiences in his past which led him to believe the greatest thing a man can do is to jealously guard his family.  Having anyone on the side to him is…

  • Attitude,  Betrayal,  Unfaithfulness

    Another woman?Fight the right battle!

    I have been reading in the papers about Amir Khan’s wife’s public fall out with his family.  I hope all ends well for them; they all seem to be greatly pained by events however, it will take the grace of God to recover from all that and be better than before relationally. If she was OK with her mother in law, the MIL could have ensured her hubby and kids tow the line – the powerful other woman, I tell you.  It is hard to publicly humiliate another woman and her family like that.  Anyway…. I started praying for ‘my future partner’ since I was about 12 years old.  I am…

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