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    The Hearing Ear

    I love the church.  I love being a part of a church family.  Life in church can be as dramatic as any biological family, but the added undertone of ‘we are all in Christ’ makes us come together in such a unique way… sometimes.  As young children growing up in a home, beginning a statement with “Daddy said…” or “Mummy says…” can usually get you your hearts’ desire.  In the church, phrases like “God said I should let you know…”, “I sense the Spirit saying…”, or “God told me…” are very potent and can make or break situations.  I have nothing against these phrases and I have used them on…

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    Church Drama 3

    I do not think it is possible to attend a church and not have encountered a drama generated as a result of food. In short, even when we read the story about the beginnings of the church, the first thing that caused trouble was food and its distribution. Growing up, I went to a church who took food seriously and any time we did anything, there was always food. This was especially pronounced on harvest Sundays /All manner of food was present in abundance and even to take home. The good thing about the church I attended before my first decade ended was that my mum was the “mother of…

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    Church Drama 2

    So today I was wondering which of the stories I should recount I think the best way is to continue chronologically so here we go Growing up in a local assembly church meant growing up in a church family where everyone knew your family.it also meant you knew other people and church family was really part of our lives then .What could be dangerous sometimes is befriending some people who happened to know everyone with their secrets. I remember going to church for all night prayers at about 9pm and having to sleep on the benches (before we bought white plastic chairs) as we waited for 12 midnight to start…

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    Church Drama

    I looked at the topic for this month and thought o my word, I could write a tribology on this. To be honest, I have been in church all my life, I have grown up in church, in short, I was born in church. I was born in the church maternity right on the church premises, with a lot of prayers. Every time the church doors opened, I was there and I helped to close the doors on some occasions. And as the years have passed, I have seen drama upon drama. But it is just typical because the church is made up of people like you and me. Imperfect…

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