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    Dads & Daughters

    I had two teenage girls turn up for a clinic appointment 2 weeks ago. An elderly gentleman was with them. I was not too sure if he was dad or grandad but I admired the relationship they enjoyed portrayed by their conversations. This elderly gentleman teasingly answered some of the questions I asked, stating that the girls were spending too much time on their phones. He even knew what the girls career ambitions were. When one of them expressed the fact that she wanted to be a medical doctor, I advised her that she needed to get some work experience. The gentleman then chipped in that their mother would be…

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    The search for “Y”

    Ah, the month of June.  Growing up watching the movie ‘Seven brides for seven brothers’ got me thinking June was the most romantic month of all, as it seemed to be the perfect time for a wedding; but as an adult living in a first world country, I came to understand it is also one of the most expensive months for a wedding, for the same romantic reasons. The joy of becoming a parent (by choice) can’t really be described.  And while the women get the privilege of carrying this extension of themselves internally for 9 months, the fathers also wear a sense of fulfilment and pride in being responsible…

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    A dad writes

    I sat and watched with apt attention to see what was going to unfold between these two. Oh, it was really nothing sinister, rather more intriguing than the latter. It was the interaction between Daniel and Bibi. You see Daniel is my friend, we have been friends from when we were young men without a care in the world. In that time and at the stage we were at, I would say Daniel had done rather well for himself and as such decided to ‘settle down’ and get married. Bibi, on the other hand, is Daniel’s 4-year-old, the product of the aforementioned marriage. The scene I was watching with great…

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    For you,Daddy

    Some years ago, as the month of June approached, I looked at the theme for the month. I thought about how I would appreciate my dad by talking about the things he did that I took for granted. I wish he was here and seeing my children around me makes me grateful that their dad is around. I wish I said more when my dad was around. I still have something to say. I know I cannot tell you any more on this side of heaven but I wanted to let you know no Father’s Day has passed without thinking again about you. I think the best way is to…

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