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    Are you pregnant?

    Sade had been married for eight years and was not looking forward to her husband’s birthday. She wished there would not be another family gathering or party. Unfortunately her husband did not understand .She confessed to my friend who was in her thirties and  still single  then that she envied her and wished they could exchange places .She told her “It is better to be single than to live like this, every time I walk into the room, I can feel all the eyes on my abdomen, expecting to see something”. I feel her.I know what it is to go somewhere and have everyone’s eyes on your fingers like ………

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    Above 40 , single and childless

    That is not my portion. Absolutely. I do agree  with you  I mean that is what I would have said to this topic about two decades ago but as one of my former classmates would say “whose portion is it ?” Today is Mother’s Day(US version) and we will all agree it has come with a difference.  However, the Coronavirus should not stop us from celebrating and appreciating our mothers and a big shout out to those who have already done so. This year, rather than the several celebrations and dining out that would have occurred or the recitals and performances that would have been done by several children, we…

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