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    Beauty matters by Asapetem

    And so as I was preparing for my first Instagram Live, I was trying to get the pictures right for the flyers. I had two pictures to use but a lot of my friends seemed to prefer one of them. But when the flyers came out, we had to try with the picture which was not initially picked and it eventually came out better. My sister’s daughter happens to be a beautician and she had a look at my pictures. After doing some adjustments, she advised me to take care of my eyebrows(something. I have never really paid much  attention to my eyebrows because I hardly ever got them right…

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    The Knowing

    There comes a time in life when you feel stagnant in your position. This may be in your job, your education, your business, even your role in your family at times! It’s actually scary when you have to ask yourself  “What have I learnt lately?’ Lately, I’ve been thinking about my relationships. I don’t know why but I’ve been feeling a bit irrelevant in my relationships with my friends. Now, I have only a select few I call my friends, and I’ve been feeling rather inactive towards them. I’ve just been in a weird place where it’s like my friends are always “giving” to me and all I do is…

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    Attitude,  By Gracilis,  WILL


    Have you ever forgotten your mobile phone at home while on your way to work? Chances are that you might most likely return to get it. This may be for several reasons. I was listening to a marriage relationship seminar recently where the need for communication was being discussed. One of the speakers recounted that on one morning after her husband had left for work, she forgot her mobile phone at home when she went out for school runs. She returned only to find twenty-five missed calls from her husband! He was not monitoring her but was only worried because it was usual for her to tell him when she…

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