By Gracilis,  Love

Closer than you think

The day has come and it could bring surprises, both pleasant and unpleasant . Some relationships will end today while  some will truly begin today . While I do not want to sound like a prophet of doom, the reality of the words you have just read is apt. Bit on the flip side, sometimes we are expecting love to be  mystical, all of a sudden  and filled with some kind of spooky .Having read so many romance novels and had our fair share of   romantic films, we want to cross seven rivers and climb seven mountains to find true love .The truth however is that  more often than not, love is just around the corner in our neighbourhood and in our network. And in these days, this network might be in a common virtual space .

So rather than looking for love  in the mystical and insisting on the fairy tale happenings, we might need to recognize that love  has been conveniently placed right in front of our eyes, sometimes during the course of our everyday work, closer than we think

Some of you know what I do for a 9 to 5 and so when I came across these radiographs (if you know you know) which one of my colleagues sent  as part of a Valentine wish, it hit me with the message above.

So while  I wish you  a Happy Valentine today, I want us all to be  reminded me of the fact that  lov is closer than we think and we can all find and share love in our ordinary every day lives.♥

Happy St Valentine’s Day



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