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Consistently consistent

My daughter had a sudden break out of acne.
It was everywhere.
I mean everywhere on her face.

And so I asked her about the activated charcoal soap I gave, she smiled and said it’s there๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿคฆ.

Am learning to ask teenagers more direct questions ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„.
So I said “are you using it?”
She started laughing. I guess we all know the answer.

She wasn’t using it.
So I gave her mine.

By the next day, she walked up to me very excited and said “mummy, it clearing”.
I rolled my eyes and said “Duhh” (yes, sometimes I speak in their language ๐Ÿ˜)

But 2 days later, no progress on the acne clearing.
Something was definitely wrong.

Asked her again if she was using it and she started laughing again.
Yes, you guessed it. She stopped immediately she saw some positive change.

Aren’t we all like her?

We are asked by God in His word to Pray.

Like my daughter, we wait until we have a challenge and people start saying, Have you prayed?.

Then we pray a little.
Then things work out.
Then we stop.
And we wait to be reminded to pray again.

And just like her acne, challenges will still come up.

I guess today’s reflection is simple.

Not just when you have problems.
Pray before you have problems.

If my daughter had been regular in her use of the soap, she may still have had breakouts but it wouldn’t have been so severe.

Just like regular prayer times, help us to deal with life.

So pray.
Pray when you need help.
Pray when you don’t need help.
Pray when you are happy.
Pray when you are sad.
Pray before you have challenges.
Pray when you have challenges.
Pray when you have the victory.
Pray when it’s convenient.
Pray when it’s not convenient.

Am sure you have gotten the message.
All you got to do is Pray.

Remember to talk to Jesus.
He’s just a prayer away.

Oh yes, our story ends well.
Her acne cleared up.
In fact, the soap is no longer in my room.
She moved it so she can be consistent.

Just like you will have victory when you pray without ceasing.



Unyime is a certified system auditor and a cgartered accountant. She loves to read and writes regularly “Reflections from my children”. She is a mother of four with her oldest child being 14 and the youngest are a set of twins.She has a passion for God and natural skincare. Haircare and wellness.You can check her on and on Instagram on

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