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Continuing Forever 2

I remember chatting with Uche after reading her post of last week .

I could perfectly relate to the disappearance of her friend as I have had a friend do the same thing .The difference however was that my own friend did it more than once and although initially I panicked, with time I recognized the pattern.

Long story short is whenever things were not working well for my friend and she was in a seemingly bad place, she would have an excuse for malice.  She would cut off and not respond to any form of communication until she had something to ‘shine’ or “show off”.

Then she would return and claim there was something   I had done. This was never brought up until she was ready and usually at the end of the day, I found out it was made up excuses for bad behaviour .

This was a friend I had done so much for and felt we had so much in common, only to realize I was wrong. I tried to excuse her severally but eventually I had to tell myself the bitter truth.

I came to the obvious conclusion I had denied and ignored for years. This was not true friendship. This friend was somehow in competition with me which made her always ensure that she formed malice until things were good for her. It was a toxic relationship .

She used to be a constant but my realization of the true state of things out her in the box she truly belonged.

But that even is not my point because while myself and Uche can cry about a friend whom we once believed was constant, what of the lady who woke up and saw like the rest of us on social media that her husband of more than fifteen years  had not only married another wife but that she had a step-child!

That was a constant that she could have sworn would last forever .

And this sudden pull off of a constant can also affect men. In short , this year alone, some men have committed suicide after discovering   through a DNA Test kit that what they thought was theirs was  actually someone else’s .They could not cope with the change in the constant.

Someone has truly said that change is the only constant thing we have and when I sit down to reflect at the year past, it has been filled with several changes.

And all these changes in our constants can be trying especially when it has to do with our relationships .

That is why I am glad that there is a constant that we can all lean and depend on , it is one who does not change and throughout this year did not change

I am truly thankful for him and as we sign off for the year, we do so with gratitude to the one who is always there. We can count on him even in the coming year to remain constant because he  does not change but continues forever.

Happy New Year in advance from the team @Dishusbandmata


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