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Coping with COVID-19

I cannot believe it has been almost a year since the very first Lock down started in the UK due to the Covid Pandemic. It has been a historic year for me, my friends, family, and the entire world this past year. All I hear, read, and see on Billboards, Television, radio, and various social media platforms is the emphasis on Staying Safe, Staying at Home, Maintaining Social distancing rule where possible, Hand Hygiene, Wearing of Face-mask and Covid vaccination.

According to latest World Health Organisation statistics (WHO, 2021), Coronavirus has claimed over 2.6 million lives worldwide with 115 million infected people since start of Pandemic. It has greatly affected the family dynamics of millions of people, leaving children as orphans and loss of loved ones. Unfortunately, I know people likewise everyone knows someone who have been hit by this deadly virus. Every news of someone I knew on hospital admission due to Covid had always brought a heavy heart, hence I prayed fervently for quick recovery. Some people survived the Corona virus and some sadly never made it out of hospital which always leave the question, ‘’God but why?’’

Well God knows best was the comforting words I always held on to. If for anything my faith grew more over the course of this current pandemic as I realised the need to lean more on divine intervention as humanity battles with this unseen virus. The issues around mask wearing and social distancing as one of the ways of preventing the spread of the virus has caused lots of arguments and political statements from around the world. It is true we are all entitled to our freedom of speech and opinions but on the other hand it makes me wonder why preventive issues around keeping people safe from the virus could steer up arguments. Having lost close friends to this pandemic, I will happily do whatever possible it takes on my part to keep the spread of the virus.

Mask wearing throughout at work for me initially posed a struggle as I felt very uncomfortable wearing it and could not breathe well in it. Eventually, I sailed pass this huddle by taking my mind off the fact that I had my facemask on and will always reassure myself that it was all about protecting people around me and not about me only. Unfortunately, I have seen used face masks thrown just anywhere including shop floors, car parks, walkways, on the street, public transport and the list goes on. We all must be conscious of appropriate disposal of used face masks to keep our environment clean and safe as well.

The tragic health impact of the Covid Pandemic led to several job losses resulting in high global unemployment, the economy and how we relate to each other. Worldwide Hospitality, Entertainment and Transportation sectors especially the Aviation industry were badly hit by this Pandemic due to policies made by various Nations to control the spread of Corona virus. However, this pandemic has also given birth to creation of new talents, jobs, and factories worldwide such as the production of Personal Protective Equipment {PPE}, Covid vaccination and other safety equipment. The Online marketing industries have also seen a soar in its earnings as more people take onto online shopping hence creating more jobs in the transportation industry as more home deliveries are required.

The National Lockdown and Staying at home policies adapted by most Countries in the bid to control the transmission of Corona virus has led to a change in our Lifestyle and the way we work and run our businesses. Lots of people increasingly work from home if they can and when present at work are subjected to new ways of working in a Covid safe environment. Working from home to some families has been welcomed as a blessing as it has helped reduce cost of Childcare while some individuals complained of social isolation and increased mental health stress with working from home.

Schools ranging from Primary, High Schools, Colleges to Universities have all been affected by Lockdown over the last year. My children happily welcomed the news of their resumption back to Face-to-Face schooling last year September 2020. I watched as they all resumed back to school full of energy, got back home to share stories of how they have Covid safe bubbles at school. Sadly, one by one, my children have all isolated at home at some point due to confirmed cases of Covid case within their class bubble which again deflated their mood. My children constantly complained of how fed up they feel at home schooling and looking forward to going back to Face-to-Face learning. As a mum to teenage children, I felt their frustrations and their battles with social isolation but again I always reassured them that we are going through a historical pandemic that will never be forgotten and our priority is to stay alive and keep safe as much as we would like to socialize.

I have felt increasingly social isolation over the last year as restriction on visiting family and friends keeps changing as per latest Government guidelines. So, it has become a routine to keep up to date with latest Downing Street information on the pandemic and restrictions as it applies to various part of the UK. Break the Rules and you pay a fine says The Prime Minister Boris Johnson!

Personally, I have managed my stress levels well over the last year by staying fit and living a healthy lifestyle as much as I can. I am so determined to come out of this pandemic looking fit and healthy than I ever did before the start of it. Most importantly this Pandemic has thought me to appreciate everything, every day and everyone in my life more than ever. I have learnt to love more and express myself more in the best possible way. It was really an opportunity of deep reflection!



The New me- healthier & happierMargaret Ayeni writes from Manchester. She is a Specialist Community Public Health Nurse with almost 2 decades of experience. She also owns a Juiceplus Franchise on inspiring healthy living around the world! Contact via  or via Our Guest writer

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