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Count their blessings

So it is the last day of the year and I have both the privilege and the responsibility of writing a post

I have thought of a thousand and one  things to write and I feel like they all boil down to one thing which you most probably have been hearing since the countdown to the year end started..

As common as the theme has been, there is a counter one which might not be proclaimed so loudly but seems to be what is seething in the background. 

So where are you? Amongst those who are moaning and grumbling or among those who have chosen to be grateful. It is actually a choice and for whatever path we choose, there will be plenty supporting reasons. 

I am reminded of what my mum used to tell   my brothers  and I those days as children. Sometimes we would want something so bad and then start to use tears to want to manipulate my parents.

My mum used to say something that used to make me feel bad – “when I see you crying blood then I will know it is serious”. Imagine! 

That literally meant we would never get what you were crying, making it very painful   or sometimes she would just threaten to bring a bucket for us to cry very well.She used to tjrreathen that our requests will be net when the bucket is full of tears! 

But why am I talking about crying when it is supposed to be a time of rejoicing? Well because I have seen several posts admonishing people not to moan but be grateful for seeing the end of another  year. 

Well let’s say we have reasons to moan, that does not still stop us from finding reasons to be grateful.

Maybe we will experience more gratitude if we spread our net farther.

Maybe we should not only do what Uche wrote  last week about  “Coubting our blessings”.

Perhapsit is time to thank God for the blessings of people around us :that friend who has been applying with you and has now gotten a job, what of that friend of yours who has been through several other. IVF cycles like you have and now is pregnant or your longest single buddie who just got engaged on Christmas day with still no bae in sight for you


Maybe this last day of the year, we should be selfless and see many reasons to thank God for what he has done for others. Dishusbandmata is about healthy relationships and we cannot have a healthy relationship without developing an attitude of gratitud both towards God and others. 

Yes let’s change  the focus  and look at our neighbours  to remind us that God is good and if he has been good to them he is surely in our neighbourhood and it will soon be our turn. 

What’s the verdict? If we  are struggling with reasons to be grateful, it may be time to look at our neighbours and be truly grateful for them. 

Yes, let us  count their blessings!





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