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Crazy Proposals

I  sit back at my desk thinking of what to write today as I have just returned from a long day shift. I hardly ever run out of ideas and have been thinking about topics we would be dealing with very soon but if there is any thing I would generally like to write about , it is those things I remember that bring laughter.
Laughter sometimes not because it is funny but because somethings are so crazily akward that the only appropriate response is to laugh.
I remember as a child going towards the bus stop  where the shoemakers usually keep their wares / There was this particular shoemaker  who we referred to as aboki. He usually helped with our Dunlop or slippers/shoes that got cut. Sometimes I would take my shoes there to get them polished. However I noticed that most times when I went to repair my shoes or slippers, the aboki would refuse to collect money. Well I didn’t see it as strange as we had an aboki driver who was also kind to my siblings and I. However one day, reality struck when I went to repair my slippers and aboki slipped in a piece of paper into my hands. I was puzzled as this aboki hardly spoke any English and communication usually was just showing what needed to be repaired,When I opened the  sheet of paper, the first few words were a shocker. ..”Dear Girlfriend…”, I can’t even remember the rest of the letter but that was the last day I repaired my shoes there. Girlfriend of a shoemaker!Definitey not an attractive title.
Another really crazy one happened many years ago while  I was still in the university as an undergraduate. I was in a lecture theatre and just went out during a break session.I noticed a young man walking towards my direction.He was of average built and not the type that would normally catch my attention(did i hear you say vain?well whatever but I am being truthful!).I felt he probably wanted to ask for directions or something so I waited.He stood in front of me and asked;”are you Grace?“.
I replied in the affirmative and then he said “Well,God said you are my wife</em>”.Honestly,I had to take a second look at him because if he had only asked what my name was,it would have been a different matter but asking me to confirm my name was sort of weird and scary.I had never seen him before(and never saw him after that) and I knew he was not one of my classmates.I cannot even remember what I said next but I moved away quickly and back to the lecture hall.I told some of my classmates and one of them suggested that the young man must have been praying for a wife and God probably told him he will marry by grace and so he must have been muttering that phrase all along till he met me and just had that name! 

Sadly enough,that is not the only episode I have had or heard of someone just coming out of the blues and demanding marriage on God’s account or do I say their account but sadder still is the fact that some people have gone ahead into marriage due to a revelation from another person and are living in hell.

I hope this has brought some laughter and memories  as well as some serious thoughts .If  you do have any crazy proposals story, don’t hesitate to get in touch, .we would love to hear from you.

Have a great weekend


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