“dishusbandmata” on Air today.

Hi our dear Readers,

How are we all today?Remember two weeks ago, we had one of our writers as a Guest in a Radio Reality Show.Well I believe it went so well that she has been invited to come again today. If you missed the last one on”Waiting Room” you can get excerpts on her Facebook page-Grace Tom-Lawyer  or check “Beautiful Mind TV” on You Tube.

She will be on a Reality Talk Show today on a Radio  Reality Show  to talk about “Don’t drag me to the altar” and how to face pressures as a Single lady. It promises to be interesting as she will be joined by another Guest and the bottom line is, it all has to do with “husbandmata” so make sure you tune in today. 

Programme:Beautiful Mind -Reality Talk Show

Station: Peace&Joy Radio
Date: Wednesday 27 April , 2016
Time:5-6:30pm GMT 

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The article of this week will be out on Friday and it surely is something to look forward to.

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