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Do the work

Over the long weekend, my children were going through my phone and I heard some noise.

So I asked, “what’s are you looking for in my phone”

My daughter said “I can’t find any video of myself dancing but I have seen my brother’s own”.

I collected the phone dreading how she was going to say I prefer her brother.

When I got the phone back and watched the video, I clearly remembered the day I took the video. I was trying out a new filter and I begged them to dance.

She refused.
He didn’t.

In fact he danced and danced and danced.
Goes to say I had about 5 videos of him dancing.

Funny thing is he can’t dance but it didn’t stop him from having fun 😊.

And so I asked her “how did you want a video of yourself dancing when you refused to dance”.

She just mumbled something and walked away.

But let’s reflect a little.

Is there an outcome when you don’t show up?

She didn’t want to partake in the activity but she wanted to see herself in the video.

Aren’t we all like that?

We won’t pray but we want miracles.
We won’t exercise our faith but we want answers.
We won’t fast but we want power.
We won’t serve but we want the glory.

We won’t work but we want the riches.
We won’t show love but we want the relationship.

I guess we are all guilty.

So let’s learn from my son today.
Give your whole heart to any activity that brings God glory and you will experience Joy along the way but also a blessing after.

Have you talked to Jesus today?

He’s just a prayer away.

Happy Tuesday friends 💚




Unyime is a certified system auditor and a cgartered accountant. She loves to read and writes regularly “Reflections from my children”. She is a mother of four with her oldest child being 14 and the youngest are a set of twins.She has a passion for God and natural skincare. Haircare and wellness.You can check her on and on Instagram on

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