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Does curiosity really kill the cat?

Well,if you are like me ,wanting to know what what this blog is all about will just be natural.
And really,I will try and clarify it immediately.This blog is restricted to only married and single people.
Absurd… right,what I mean to say is there are no restrictions!
You are either married or single.You will agree with me that divorced,separated,widowed, civil partner,married still fall under two groups.

In this blog,we will be as real as possible so that everyone can learn and draw from the wealth of the experiences we have shared over the years.You will sometimes find something to laugh about,something to cry about,something that will bring back memories but if there is anything i guarantee,you will not have wasted your time because you will always find something inspiring, and become a more sensitive person.In short,I see you always returning back to this blog like an Oliver Twist wanting more.And that will be quite a challenge but don’t we all love challenges.

Meanwhile,it is surely not a whine cry about being single neither is it a presumed overjoyous single girl forum waiting for the guy who is being prepared(why is it taking such a long time for the preparation????haba there is only one preparation that has been taking a long time that we are all waiting for… see John 14.1).Or as they like to put it ,“you are being prepared that is why it is taking such a longtime”...hmmmm, in either way people somehow try to say in very diplomatic ways it is your fault you aren’t married or are single again(painfully even when you are widowed),but we will come to that.
Please always feel free to contribute to the articles being shared and point out areas of possible improvement.

Being real is only when you are truly you.

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