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How can I be involved with Dishusbandmata?

You can help us by informing your contacts by word of mouth thus telling people about our work directly or spreading the news and our Blog posts on your social media platforms. We are an eual opportunity website writing articles that would appeal to all ages,race and gender.
You can Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Instagram and on Twitter @dishusbandmata.
You can also join our team of Narrators/ Raconteur who are involved in the recital of the Blog posts creating an Audio version of the Blog posts for some of our Followers who would prefer to listen to the Blog posts.

You can write for Dishusbandmata on a regular basis or on a Guest basis. We usually have a theme for every month of the year which is available for this year already.
You do not need to write for your story to be published, sometimes we write the stories after listening to the individuals concerned. Your anonymity will be preserved and the details of the story cross checked by yourself before publishing. If you do have a story, kindly email
Our passion for healthy relationships led to the birth of C.A.D.A. (Church Against Domestic Abuse ) and you can help us by spreading the word about the work of C.A.D.A. to your network.

Why are you called Dishusbandmata?

This is the name we have chosen to go by but do not be deceived , we are passionate about every kind of relationships – romantic and non-romantic relationships, and to be honest , we are passionate about people, including you .

Can I invite Gracillis to an event or TV/Radio Show?

That is possible, although we do encourage a lot of notice and as dates go up quickly with her diary,the earlier the better .This will endure logistics are in place with the least possible disruption.. You can also look under Resources to find some links to some interviews Gracillis has had on shows.

Can I also invite other writers to an event or a TV /Radio Show?.​

This is also possible, and time is of essence with the need for logistics to be arranged. For any of these requests , kindly send an email to and sign post the email BOOKINGS ..

Are there some other services available from the team ?

Absolutely, the team at DISHUSBAMDMATA are multi-talented. There are two Event planners (Uche&Gracillis ), a Master of Ceremony – MC Honour (Himo), a very good baker for your cakes (Bee)..Contracting their services via the dishusbandmata platform would attract some discount. If you would like to enquire further, please s send a message to

Are the writers paid ?

At Dishusbandmata, we derive our satisfaction from helping people. This cannot be can not be fully financially compensated for. Our joy at seeing reationships helped is the fuel for our commitment a All the writers, editors and narrators of Dishusbandmata work on a voluntary basis, however they do receive a token from time to time for their work…


What is an ePUB?​

Electronic Publication (ePUB) is a standard eBook format, which makes it possible to customise font, text, and alter the size of images on desktop monitors, tablets and devices with smaller screens such as a smartphone. ePub is suited for the following devices: iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone, Nexus, Samsung Galaxy, Sony, etc. This format is open source and can be used by most tablets and smartphones. The books from Remi Banjo of A Day In God’s Will are currently only available for purchase in EPUB, PDF and MOBI. All formats can be used and read universally on various digital devices, making it ideal for mobile use.

Additional formats are currently being developed and will be available in the future.

What is an eBook?

An eBook is an electronic book, or a digital version of a print book. eBooks are available as Electronic Publication (ePUB), mobi (used typically with Amazon Kindles) and Encapsulated Portable Document (ePDF) formats. These formats can be read on desktop computers, laptops, tablet readers, and many mobile devices.

What payment methods do you accept?

Payments are made prior to download via PayPal.

Are the writers paid ?

How do I access my purchase of an e-book once completed?

How do I access my purchase of an e-book once completed?

We will send you an eBook download link to your email address once your order has been placed and verified. Download links are also saved in your account on our website. Login to your account with your email address and password and navigate to My Orders. Please note: download links can only be used by one user, for a maximum of four times. If you receive an error message instead of a download link please contact The link to the download sent via email remains valid for 72 hours. This means that after 72 hours you will no longer be able to download it again.
The link will expire. So we advise to download your eBook as soon as you receive the email. Individual eBook files can be extremely large, many of them well over 50 MB. Please make sure you have the necessary capacities for the download.

Can I get a refund for an eBook?

Unfortunately we cannot exchange or refund eBooks bought from our website. Please see our Returns Policy. Please contact info’ if you have any problems downloading your eBooks. Note: Unlike print books eBooks are subject to VAT. The prices on our website include VAT

Using eBooks

The use of eBooks is exclusively limited to personal use. If the customer downloads an eBook as a PDF file, they may save it on a digital device that they personally and exclusively use, i.e., may store a digital copy there. Other types of use, especially commercial use, on the part of the customer are prohibited. As such, it is expressly forbidden to create additional copies of an eBook or any ePurchase from A Day In God’s Will, especially for digital devices or in digital media to which other people or companies have access;
to edit or rework an eBook or epurchase and publish or sell the result; to forward, rent or otherwise distribute the eBook or eProduct to third parties; to make it publicly available; or to send it to third parties. This is equally valid for use in intra- and and extranets.

Digital Rights Management

All the eBooks on our website are EPUB files secured with DRM (Digital Rights Management). DRM is used to limit the ability to copy eBooks and ties your purchased eBooks to the Adobe ID you are using on the computer you download to.
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