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Finding joy wherever

My second son has always been a bundle of joy.
He keeps playing, and having fun even when things don’t look good.

You see, he struggles with his health and with his academics.

The difference is very obvious especially since his twin seems to be so good academically and rarely falls ill.

He doesn’t say much but I know that he feels bad everytime she gets one more prize or award.

But last week his time came.

His school had been practicing for interhouse sports and he was representing Green House.

On the very last week, he was told to switch to his sister’s house (topaz)
This meant he lost his chance at a prize but he didn’t say anything.

As usual, he went about being his happy self.

A little while into the event, his former house calls for him and insists he has to represent them.

Plenty hullabaloo later😁😁.

He changed his shirt, ran for them and came second.

For the first time I can ever remember he won a prize.

You should have seen the excitement, the joy, the delight on his face.

In fact he was the only one in our house that came home with anything.
This is not a usual occurrence.

I really don’t have any reflection today but I know someone needs to hear this.


And when it comes, it won’t matter how many times, others seem to have won, yours will be glorious…

And like my son, it will be in front a much larger crowd than you could have imagined.

Like my son, God will single you out and make sure that you will be where you need to be at the right time.

If he had insisted on being in topaz house, he wouldn’t have had a chance.

Despite the fact that he was moved out at the last minute from his original position, he left joyfully, still enjoying his life.

So please find joy where you are right now.

Things are about to change in your favor.

And remember to talk to Jesus.

He’s just a prayer away.


Happy Tuesday friends 💚💚




Unyime is a certified system auditor and a cgartered accountant. She loves to read and writes regularly “Reflections from my children”. She is a mother of four with her oldest child being 14 and the youngest are a set of twins.She has a passion for God and natural skincare. Haircare and wellness.You can check her on and on Instagram on

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