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Going Forward


Here we are , at the last quarter of the year and if you are like me, some of my thoughts are where did the year got. It wasnt long I was buying Christmas cards in January against a December which seemed so far away then .
Getting into the last segment of the year has been quite overwhelming as one looks at the challenges encountered in the previous three quarters,
If there was anything that made the last quarter quite memorable was the fact that it was a time of some sober  reflections as the news of the departure of some people reached our ears. 
One of my friends actually lost both parents within weeks of burying one of them and the list is endless about some of the unnecessary deaths that have taken loved ones away  and while we cannot always know why these things happen, i strengthens my resolve for the day. 
Having good relationship  with others is a function of the kind of relationship you have with yourself and if there is one thing I have always tried to advocate on this blog , is the need to be thankful.
AS one news of death was met with another in the past months of the year for me, I have always been more determined to make my relationship with myself a pleasant one. 
Well to be honest, I really do not have a choice. I hang around with myself so much that I cannot afford to have a negative relationship.
The way I do this is too always be grateful for the things I have, Imagine having a sound mind with no mental issues or imagine how much I would have missed if I was unable to read because I did not have the opportunity, There are several more things I could count but what I would like to ask is that you perhaps make your own list of things you are thankful for as that attitude is one we would all need for the remaining  months of the year 


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