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Half time Whistle

Hello  People,
I know we are almost 2 days away from the second half of the year and while this fact should bring a sense of urgency and brings panic.
There is this feeling of O Lord,it is another year passing again,is it not going to happen this year
  While it may seem like nothing is happening, the truth is that God is working behind the scenes, and a great proof of our belief in him is our ability to be grateful.
As we approach the second half of the year,I urge you dear Reader to Count your blessings. This year, there have been many surprises with various terrorist attacks. People wave their family members goodbye in the morning and never see them again.Some of these people who have what we may desire are no more here but alas,you are still here. Coming from a family that has a culture of gratitude I have also had to learn to be grateful and to count my blessings at all times.I have learnt that an attitude of gratitude helps one to maximize the moment.
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Hope this encourages someone,
Much love,


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