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Happy New Year

Our Dear Readers,
Happy New Year to you.We are grateful to God for a new Year.Glad also that we all finally made it .It is the 5th day in the New Year and perhaps still plenty of time to write down our goals for the year. We as a team do have some goals for this year 2018 and with your help in spreading our message and work, we hope to serve humanity better ..

Every Friday in 2017, the team at dishusbandmata worked hard to ensure that  there was a new story and post which was packed with lessons for all.We are really grateful for the time you take to read and share our blog.I hope you did not miss the last post of the year 2017 written wonderfully by Lily called “Resolutions”.

At the end of 2017, we had a survey and new suggestions have come up which we have taken on board. This year , we will be featuring the “Home Truths” series which is a contribution from our aunties, mothers&grand mothers on the issue of relationships and it promises to be insightful as well as exciting. 

Just in case you did not know, the 3 most popular posts for the year 2017 were

1.The Perfect Picture:
2.To Woo,to Flirt ,to Romance
3. Just Friends 

We share these again with you so you can get the lessons that most of our readers seemed to  have appreciated the most.

Remember also that our work on relationships also extends to Domestic abuse & this year, we will be championing the cause further by launching a charity .

We are passionate about relationships and  one of the ways you can help is to share our stories, Like our page on Facebook &let others know about our work.

We are always watching out for new stories & new writers and if you feel you can help to move our vision forward which is to ensure that relationships add meaningful value to the lives of those involved through the use of stories ,please contact us.

On behalf of “dishusbandmata”

Dishusbandmata…….passionate about relationships
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