“Husbandmata”On Air tomorrow

Hi our dear Readers,

Hope we are having a fab week so far.It is not yet Friday though but something exciting is happening which we have decided to share with you now as it will be too late on Friday.

As you all know, “dishusbandmata” is about the life we as women live and we have half  of  our writers as Single ladies now (forgive but I  could not resist the urge  to emphasize the last word)and the other half are married. One of our writers will be on a Reality Talk Show tomorrow on the Radio to talk about “Waiting Room” and how life has been as a Single lady. It promises to be interesting as she will be joined by some others who are experiencing waiting in another area and the bottom line is, it all has to do with “husbandmata” so make sure you tune in tomorrow 

Programme:Beautiful Mind -Reality Talk Show

Station: Peace&Joy Radio
Date: Wednesday 13 April , 2016
Time:5-6:30pm GMT 

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Loving this time with you,


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  • Anonymous

    Thank you sister,it is good to know that there are believers who still keep the faith and reach the wedding bed undefiled.

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