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I am your husband

What a comment! I smile thinking about the few guys who introduced themselves to me in this way during my single days. It was enough for me to walk away laughing.  However, this little statement has had a different effect on me since I said ‘I DO’.Marriage is good – it really is, and I’ll defend and support getting married to the right person any day and anytime. However, God in His infinite wisdom has decided that we would not come to each other as perfect beings, but work together to achieve perfection in Him. The process is not a joke.
Three weeks after I got married my husband demanded that I quit my job.  We had talked about our working arrangements and when I should leave (3 months after marriage) to join him before our wedding; but suddenly one evening, he just said a wife’s place is with her husband and ‘…I am your Husband!’  I began to understand why some celebrity marriages last only a few weeks.  I spoke to a few people and had mixed responses.  I had heard the submission message most of my life but why would he just go back on our agreement so quickly? Had this been his plan all along? Was I tricked into marrying the wrong person?  I quit my job. I left my home town to join him and I cried every day for a week.
I adjusted to my new life and thank God we got past that, but I learnt a few lessons.  If I were to go back in time to that moment with the knowledge I now possess, I would do things a little differently.  I had never been a wife, and my husband had only had that title for three weeks.  We were bound to make a few mistakes.  I would have used the method of Queen Esther and served up some serious grub, and then sweetly discuss all the pros and cons to this new arrangement.  To be honest, the discussion could have ended with the same arrangement but I am certain I would have felt better in myself.
I have faced a few ‘I am your husband’ moments again since then, and I thank God because I have learnt from the past and handled the situation better.  I am still learning.
Loving my new role,
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