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In the beginning

  • ♥And so we are the start of a year that so many of us could not wait to arrive.  While a lot of people wished 2020 to be over and done with, there were quite a few others who were of a different opinion because of how the year had turned out for them.

There was one viral picture of a lady (why was it a lady) and travelling suitcases with the caption that she was not counting 2020 to her years as she did not use it. The laughter It produced was seemingly contagious, although for me, when the dust of the initial humour settled, I was left with  the reality of the dangers of  selective amnesia  which we are all usually guilty of.

Having written in Dishusbandmata blog  for almost 10 years, I must admit that a huge sense of responsibility fell on my shoulders when I realized that our first post of the year would  have to be published  on New Year’s Day. This is the second time this is happening but the happenings of the year just gone by has made it such a herculean and sensitive task as I have pondered on how best to harness my own thoughts as well as those that have been projected from the environment.

The feeling in the atmosphere is palpable. Sadly, rather than the excitement of a new year, the experience of 2020 has made a lot of us to approach today with a lot more hesitation. There is the feeling of the unknown mixed with the feeling of a previous bad experience with a high tendency of recurring. And for me, this general reaction of past experiences is the same that sometimes plaque our relationships, stopping them from being  all they can be .

But past experiences are not necessarily bad as long as we can learn from them and so in this month of January, we will be pulling back the curtains over 2020 to see what lessons we learnt. And while I can sit at my desk and type words, I always want to be as vulnerable as I can afford(extremely expensive) as I know that is the only way I can reach deep down within  to understand the help I need and help the so many  readers people of this blog .

And so, I invite you to stay with me (us) on this journey as we uncover some of the insights gained from 2020 but permit me to start by wishing you a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

You made it to 2021 and you will make t through 2021.


The entire team Dishusbandmata are confident that this is our best year yet and wish you and your family a Happy and Prosperous 2021.

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