Keeping it together

It’s that time again. The time to check ourselves; to evaluate what we’re doing right and wrong, to see where things need to change, to see where we need to pull our “bootstraps” up and do the work required.

Yes! You guessed right, it’s the second half of the year! We have another six months to do the things we might have forgotten on our goals and resolutions lists.

I’ve been thinking about my goals for 2019 recently, and I realized I haven’t really looked at what I actually wrote down since I put pen to paper (per se). I mean I have an idea of what I want to accomplish this year, but to say I’ve been measuring my actions in line with what I wrote, will be a lie.

One of my mentors actually asked me for a goals catch up two months ago, and I avoided him like a plague (no one wants to be reminded that they are slacking, especially when they already know they are!). But I will say that it made me think about looking at my goals list again.

Thank God for the fact that we have this second half to get things right again, I guess.

But what I wanted us to focus on today is, joining that connection between our first half of the year to our second half of the year. And what do I mean by this? I mean, what did we do in the first half of this year that we can keep and tie together with whatever we need to do in this second half of the year? Obviously, I mean the steps that will help us tick off everything on our lists at the end of the year.

I’ll start from the end of my list, which seems to be how I’m working through it unconsciously. I wrote down ‘GET A MENTOR’. I remember my state of mind writing my goals list, and I can promise you that I wrote this one last because I honestly thought it would be the hardest one to do. Being free to open up to people isn’t second nature to me, and I knew I would struggle with this. But I also knew it was something I needed.

I remember praying about it sometime in February and being led to approach a man in my church, who I had always respected from a distance. I can’t even explain where I found the courage to go initiate that first conversation, but I’m very glad I did. He has been mentoring me ever since, mostly in relation to my spiritual life.

“And how will you keep this together with your second half of the year?”

Well, this experience with my current mentor has made me realize I also want a business mentor. This obviously means I’ll probably have to go outside of my comfort zone (church); to interact with like-minded people who have done what I want to do. And see who I feel led to, to approach to be my mentor.

This is a huge realization for me because another thing I have on my goals list is to ‘Go Out More; Meet More People’. Can you already see how this ties in with what I did earlier this year and how it’s going to help me in the second half of the year?

Sometimes I forget how even our unconscious actions can affect our future, and it amazes me when I’m reminded. And as an encouragement to anyone who feels like they haven’t done much towards reaching their goals for this year, I say keep it together! Don’t lose your heads now, you still have just under six months to make a come back. Everyone loves a good underdog story after all!

Think of all the moves you’ve made so far and find the connections between them and your end goal. See how those steps can push you; how they can inspire you, how they will make you more aware of the next steps right in front of you. And most importantly, how they will make you want more for yourself!

I hope you’ve been inspired to just keep it together and to do more to get what you want.

Until next time,



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