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keeping at it

We indeed learn a lot from our children and Unyeme shows from this lesson the need to keep at it,consistently working on our relationships.Enjoy…..

I walked past my son’s room and almost stopped breathing.

It was SCATTERED 🤦🤦🤦.

Being a true African mother 😁, I started talking (shouting).
He stood up and started tiding it.
I jejely left him.

Something brought me back.
It was in the same state minus the clothes he removed from the chair when I was shouting.

I asked him “so you just left stopped cleaning immediately I left? “”.

Yes, you guessed it, he started laughing.

Today’s reflection is simple as usual.

Aren’t we all like my teenage son.

We are asked in the bible to “Pray without ceasing”.
But we pray once, He answers and then we stop.

And the situation still remains.
And someone, maybe your pastor, or your friend or the Holy spirit prompts you to pray.

At other times, it’s Sin.
You get a prompting to stop walking in anger, unforgiveness.

You start.
But then you stop.

Until you get another prompting.

It’s always easier when you walk in obedience.
It doesn’t get overwhelming when you deal with issues once they occur.
Or pray immediately you have need to.

If you are not careful, your prayer life and christian walk becomes like my son’s room.


Let’s strive to walk in complete obedience and prayerful living.

And when it becomes hard because there are days when it will be…

Talk to Jesus.
He’s just a prayer away.

His help is always available.

Concerning my son’s room.
I just shook my head and walked away.
He finally cleaned up his room.

What we have to do now if find out how we can keep it tidy all the time.

We will develop a system.

Just like you need to develop a system to help you pray without ceasing and live a life of righteousness.


Much love,


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