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Know your worth

My son asked his sister to go and get him a glass of water.

She turned and said “why?”
Him: Because I am older than you.

She : which kind older? Is it not just with 1 minute.?

Him: Even though, it’s still something. I am your senior.

So I am asking you if you are confident in your position in Christ Jesus.

Do you know, you have been called the sons of God?

My son knows he’s entitled to some level of respect, even if his sister doesn’t think him important enough.

Are you boldly standing on the fact that the owner of the whole universe is your father.

Do you tell the devil or your problems that the scripture says that you have been given authority over kingdoms and powers.

Even if you think you don’t have much authority, be like my son.

Use the little one you think you have.

Authority in Christ is authority in Christ.
Senior is senior 😁😁😁.

So today.
Be bold.
Be confident.
Take authority.

And always remember

Talk to Jesus
He’s just a prayer away

Happy Tuesday friends πŸ’š


Unyime is a certified system auditor and a cgartered accountant. She loves to read and writes regularly “Reflections from my children”. She is a mother of four with her oldest child being 14 and the youngest are a set of twins.She has a passion for God and natural skincare. Haircare and wellness.You can check her on and on Instagram on

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