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Love at Christmas

Christmas  is one of the most loved periods of the year but it does  have the capacity to be the most stressful and the peculiarity of this year has not changed the dynamics.Family members and some relatives we do not necessarily like all have to be at one place for a reasonable length of time,making the perfect recipe for emotional outbursts and quarrels. And  sometimes you do not even need the relatives to cause the problem because the home is filled with tension as couples battle with the financial obligations that the season brings .When it comes to Christmas, everyone seems to get into the default mode of receiving gifts as their  primary Love language and this in itself has both advantages and disadvantages. This has caused many people to dissociate themselves from celebrating  Christmas stating the  seemingly commercialization to be  the bane of the period .While that may be true to a certain extent, I still find that reasoning faulty especially as there is hardly any good thing that will not be misused from time to time.

Right from when we were children, something about this season made  us expectant. Christmas eve meant hardly any sleep as we anticipated the next  day filled  with lots to eat and drink, new over-sized clothes and shoes.We loved and we enjoyed being treated specially and now that we are adults, these desires have not yet changed .

It is not uncommon around  this season to read or hear  jokes that depict the fact that some people end their romantic relationships before this period to avoid meeting the responsibilities of “doing Christmas”  which entails of buying gifts for their supposed loved ones or side chicks. While some people find love in this special season,experts have cited the most popular time for a break up after the Christmas Holidays. This can be attributed   to  several unmet expectations,especially as several people (irrespective of their marital status)  tend to to see the exchange of gifts (more like, the receiving )  from their loved ones or intended as a sign of their love.

There is some form of relationship uncertainty/friction  when people do not show love to their loved ones during Christmas. Talking from a woman’s point of view, it would be very difficult to try and explain after this season to a woman you love or claim to love your absence. Absence  in several forms which could be  physically (blame social distance), cards&gifts(blame Santa Claus busy schedule) or a call(blame network issues).Something about not being” there”  this season could hurt a woman’s feelings and cause negative  withdrawal from the emotional bank account .

The truth is that while friends do not necessarily compete with each other, there is a certain level of pride and joy of feeling loved when a lady shares with her friends(guys  may also be guilty-comparing notes) what you did for her  and with her at Christmas,

Women can be ridiculously simple and the gifts do not need to break the bank.Remember those days before you tied the knot,  not giving anything at Christmas  was a big sin of omission you never committed.

Giving  something  tells her you were thinking about her and even wanting to spend the day with her  actually makes her know you love her(for those in a relationship).And I dare say that guys also do also want to be treated well this season. They may not be able to buy all we desire,bu we can continually show them respect as a way of love coupled with a gift to remind them that we care.

I saw someone’s status recently which read , if you are coming into my life, please bring money along. It was funny and before we judge the statement and the writer as being materialistic, let me remind us all that true love always costs something.This Christmas season is possible because God  considered us special enough that he put his love on the line and sent a most costly gift that makes us t believe and celebrate his love.

You may not believe in Christmas or may have felt there is no reason to celebrate because the holiday season reminds you of a lost love, dream,death or the absence of that special person.However,we must never forget that Christmas occurred because someone considered us special enough to be loved  and this love is the true story and reason for the season.

So,if there was no exchange of gifts this season in our homes or relationships, was is it because the finances were not available or could it be that we have started taking our partners for granted,(we bought for the children), hence we no longer see the need to go the extra mile.

It is a privilege to find that special person  and if we do have the additional opportunity of sharing this season with someone special , let us make them feel truly special  by our words and actions .It does not need to cost a fortune neither   should not remain in the  thought realm as we have all learned that Mind Reading is futile, especially as a thousand good thoughts can never outshine one simple act.

I was not the one who sang no romance without finance  but we can all use the wisdom as those lyrics ring true  throughout the year, but especially in the Christmas Season.

Merry Christmas  from all of us here .Thank you for  subscribing,reading, liking,and sharing our posts throughout  the year .

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