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Marrying by grace!

Yesterday being April Fool’s day, I was so tempted to upload this post but decided that since today is just the day after, most of us will still be in the mood. I did not fall for any April Fool’s joke n yesterday neither did I play any pranks however I must confess I had my share of laughter as I saw one joke after the other.

There was this wedding invitation that a friend sent to one of my only ladies WhatsApp group yesterday. I knew it was fake immediately I saw it but still clicked on it. It reminded me of an encounter that I had although It was not on an April Fool’s day although it was full of foolishness.

It happened many years ago when I was still in the university as an undergraduate. I was in a Lecture theatre and just stepped out of the class during a break session. I noticed a young man walking towards my direction. He was of average built and not the type that would normally catch my attention (did Ii hear you say vain? well whatever but I am being truthful!). I felt he probably wanted to ask for directions or something so I waited. After all, we should always be nice to strangers. He eventually got to where I was . He stood directly in n front of me and asked; “are you Grace?”.

I replied in the affirmative and then he said “Well,God said you are my wife. I had never seen him before(and never saw him after. Honestly, I had to take a second look at him because if he had only asked what my name was, it would have been a different matter but asking me to confirm my name was sort of weird and scary. I knew he was not one of my classmates. I cannot even remember what I said next but I moved away quickly and returned to the Lecture hall.

 I told some of my classmates and one of them suggested that the young man must have been praying for a wife and God probably told him he will marry by grace and so he must have been muttering that phrase all along till he met me and just had that name! That definitely was not comforting then but thankfully, I knew enough to know that that was not how God would bring me a husband.

Sadly enough, that is not the only episode I have had or heard of someone just coming out of the blues and demanding marriage on God’s account or do I say their account.

I was listening to a Pastor recently who said that meeting a lady and proposing with the lines of God told me to marry you is bullying. But I also listened to another minister confess recently that that was the line he used nineteen years ago to propose to his wife because he did not know better

Sometimes we act foolishly because we do not know better but we can all learn to behave wisely if we take the time to learn and unlearn. Getting this knowledge is the true way .we can get grace and that grace  will  be useful for several things in addition to marrying.

Happy Good Friday.


Featured Image- Congratulations to the  Juelich ;s  who recently  got engaged&married two weeks ago 

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