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Marrying by grace!

Well,I will first like to sincerely apologize to everyone who wanted to post a comment on the first article and couldn”t because I did not adjust the setting for comments when I started this blog.I also want to say a big thank you to those who actually bothered to write to me to say they experienced this challenge because that was what made me aware.This error has now been rectified, so you can now post your comments.

So how has life been in the past 3 weeks I last wrote?Interestingly,I have thought of so many things to use as a follow up to the first article and have had to make a choice on what to write on.This was pretty difficult because of a tendency towards perfectionism.However an article in a magazine I read recently triggered some memories and made the choice for me or do I say us.hmmmmmmmmmmmmm……..

It happened many years ago when I was still in the university as an undergraduate.I was in a lecture theatre and just went out during a break session.I noticed a young man walking towards my direction.He was of average built and not the type that would normally catch my attention(did i hear you say vain?well whatever but I am being truthful!).I felt he probably wanted to ask for directions or something so I waited.He stood in front of me and asked;”are you Grace?“.
I replied in the affirmative and then he said “Well,God said you are my wife</em>”.Honestly,I had to take a second look at him because if he had only asked what my name was,it would have been a different matter but asking me to confirm my name was sort of weird and scary.I had never seen him before(and never saw him after that) and I knew he was not one of my classmates.I cannot even remember what I said next but I moved away quickly and back to the lecture hall.I told some of my classmates and one of them suggested that the young man must have been praying for a wife and God probably told him he will marry by grace and so he must have been muttering that phrase all along till he met me and just had that name!

Sadly enough,that is not the only episode I have had or heard of someone just coming out of the blues and demanding marriage on God’s account or do I say their account.
I am even still laughing, but that is how funny some guys can be and just before you accuse me of saying guys,watch out for the next post.

Loving myself,

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  • naisha

    nice story grace…made me reaise that it takes someone with God,s wisdom to understand that its not because a man says to you( woman) that God,s SAYS actually means that it is from God…Anyway how come u guys never saw each other again?

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