By Gracilis

Merry Christmas

I still can’t believe it is another Christmas.It seems it was like yesterday but it is 365 days apart. Somehow this year,I have not bought any cards and do not hope to buy.There are so many electronic cards that I think the environment will be pleased if we do not buy any paper cards.
With these electronic cards and messages the only thing that is complaining is my phone which keeps giving a message of full storage and I am sat here looking for a culprit.

Honestly why do people send the same card to several groups that contain the same people,I mean that is why my phone memory is low now and it is difficult to believe that they would send these cards with the same enthusiasm if some form of payment was required.

So this Christmas may I ask that we carefully consider the other person when we are forwarding Christmas videos and photos. Sometimes when the memory is too full,you end up seeing really important videos much much later.
Enough,I guess all I am just saying is that this is the first time that it is on Christmas Day that I receive my first Christmas card for the year and maybe it is just a caseason of reaping what you sow .
Merry Christmas
With lots of love

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