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NEW may mean change


There is a  Family Tradition that holds every last day of the Year in my birth home. The day  is usually filled with prayers of Thanksgiving  for the ending year & requests for the coming year. It is one tradition that we(my brothers and I) somehow did not grumble much  about, because  though it meant being without food for most of the day,iit also meant  doing  the  least possible house work while remaining indoors .
I cannot remember when it started but it has always been and ever before the era of mobile phones, myself and my siblings  all had to be  present physically  to participate. But over the years after relocating, I had not  conventionally participated in it for over a decade   and  so had some of my siblings who had gone ahead to have their own homes.
So I was surprised when an idea popped into my mind last year. I quickly swung into action   making me to send messages  to my siblings  prior to the 31st,  advising them to choose a convenient time  (being in different parts of the world )  of the several slots and although the call did not take more than 10 minutes, I cannot tell you the joy I felt hearing my mother pray those prayers again , prayers  using a pattern I had heard over and over again .

Considering the fact that mobile phones have been in existence for almost two decades, I began to wonder why I never thought about it. One of the reasons I believe  is just settling in the” this is how we have always done it” mode. This made me begin to look at several areas in my life  I have control over and decide to enact some changes to increase my effectiveness.  One of the changes I have done is deciding to operate in the gift of goodbye for some relationships, having come to the conclusion  that it is better not to be as involved as before  (I cannot come and  go and kill myself).

It is the beginning of another year and . the fad of writing down resolutions  and goals is contagious .Although this is commendable,it should be done with the constancy of change  in mind. More so  as not all of these changes will be within our control. Although these changes may vary in magnitude, the ability to respond correctly by is the key to maintaining a balance that is necessary for effectiveness which ultimately affects our ability to maintain  healthy relationships.This correct  response is what some people call  “ability to adapt”.

Adapting to changes may be challenging but if fostered correctly, can bring better innovative ideas. It may also mean wearing several hats as the occasion demands while remaining true to our authentic self.Imagine those taxi-drivers who have not adapted to the change that UBER has brought to the industry, I am almost certain that they will  probably  be struggling with  jobs.Whenever we do not adapt  to change, our effectiveness is reduced. 

 DISHUSBANDMATA is also adapting and making some changes,. One day, you might visit our page and find something else or in a different fashion however you have our promise that  we are going to continue to  keep to our original mission which is to help as many relationships to be healthy (not necessarily romantic) .
As we go into this New Year, let me encourage us all to have room in our goals and resolutions to  adapt to changes, I think in a  word ,it is flexibility. and perhaps ,like me, you  might need to do things differently  to effect the changes you want to see in this New Year .
It s just the first Friday of the Year but I sense it is our best year ever! 

Once again, myself and the team at DISHUSBANDMATA wish you a Happy New Year
I love 2 write,
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