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Towards the  tail end of last year, during the Christmas week to be precise, there were several text messages, Whatsapp and Twitter posts that were circulated. While there were some really funny ones that got my ribs cracking, some got me thinking . And although it may not have  been the intention of the original writer, my analytic mind sometimes does not allow me glide over some things .

You may have come across it but no worries if you did not but it was a certain Tweet questioning  the writer’s  relationship status as at the Christmas before(2015) which was single and the present Christmas(2016) which was Single, Single BSc(Hons).
I initially laughed at the message and then thought that most likely  behind this message  was someone expressing disappointment for yet another year gone by and no change as it were in his/her marital situation. It seems like  surely 365 days is enough for Baba God to try and be merciful and remove  one from the most un-coveted position in the universe (I mean these days it seems  people would rather be divorced than Single single!). Somehow just the status alone depicts the picture of not being  good enough or perhaps of having done some evil in the past or the one the Church is most likely to pin down –“generational curse”. It is not that it cannot be due to any of these reasons  or much more  but honestly, what happens when you know you have been good (Santa note please )  and  have been to every possible  deliverance meeting(hopefully you haven’t) and it seems  nothing  is happening.
Finally I thought again about the fact that sure enough it could be the same status 365 days later single wise but surely there are several things that have happened   and did not happen for which anyone   can be grateful for and tweet about. I am not in anyway judging the Tweet but because our default  as human beings is to complain, it can be hard work sometimes not to whine. A married woman can be easily caught complaining about how much cooking she has to do  for her husband while an unmarried one is just crying to have a man to cook for. We  all tend to suffer from selective amnesia and are used to magnifying the current challenge like God has not done anything for us lately(Remember the song “What have you done for me lately”). It has to take a conscious effort to focus on what we have that God has afforded us to enjoy. We may all need to get a little notebook to record the good things that happen to us daily  as a result of God’s mercy .We should not allow  what we do not have to determine our joy this year. This is my own Start over message and Thank you for being a reading congregation. 

This brings me to what we have for you in this New Year. Hopefully on this blog, we will have regular articles to kickstart your weekend every Friday. Do not read them alone please but share them with your friends. Do so by “Word of mouth”, on “Facebook”,” Twitter”,“Whatsapp” and “Whathaveyou” .Is that a new one, who knows time will tell .
We love to hear from you also , so do not hesitate to let us know what you think. This year ,we have some more writers who have come on board .From me and all the team of writers here at “DISHUSBANDMATA”, we wish you a HAPPY&PROSPEROUS  NEW YEAR.

Love to write,

PS: Talking of some deliverance sessions, if you must attend make sure it is Word based and not only you and the deliverance minister (especially if of the opposite sex). A dear friend told me of another mature single lady who went to one and in the middle of the deliverance session ,the minister said what has been preventing her from getting married is a demon residing beneath her skirts. He asked her to pull her pants so he could see the demon properly (imagine the humiliation), did she do it ? I will not tell you today but just ask that you to  be careful , no need getting raped  in a bid to get married or have children. It is not our portion. Did I hear an Amen.

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  • Anonymous

    All those Aunties and Uncles who think 'Marriage' is the major issue in a single person's life should take note! Good message.

  • Anonymous

    It seems everyone thinks that the only problem single people should concern themselves with is getting married and even when the single person is under the load of other burdens that people can bear, they do not want to get involved

  • Anonymous

    A single person gets promotion and rather than hear Congratulations, they hear "hmmm, God will perfect that which concerns you "It is really bad the way even the Church sometimes treats them but anyway I like your message, gratitude is the key.

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