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Have you ever forgotten your mobile phone at home while on your way to work? Chances are that you might most likely return to get it. This may be for several reasons.

I was listening to a marriage relationship seminar recently where the need for communication was being discussed. One of the speakers recounted that on one morning after her husband had left for work, she forgot her mobile phone at home when she went out for school runs. She returned only to find twenty-five missed calls from her husband! He was not monitoring her but was only worried because it was usual for her to tell him when she was leaving the house to drop the kids at school, when she dropped them and when she started returning home. In hindsight, she could have returned home to get her mobile phone so that her husband could be kept abreast of the information. But some other people would return home to get their mobile phones because they do not want their partners to discover some information. Irrespective of the reason, a number of folks cannot afford to be separated from their mobile phones for any length of time with an emotional attachment that can easily become addictive. While reading a peer review journal on Wednesday this week, I came across the word ‘Nomophobia’.I was not in the mood for using a dictionary and thankfully the author of the article described the meaning of the word. The term which is an abbreviation for ‘no mobile phone phobia’ refers to


the fear of being out of mobile phone contact,” and interestingly about half of mobile phone users become very anxious if they lose their mobile phone, run out of battery or have no network coverage.

It was a discovery and like every phobia, I believe there are varying degrees of its manifestation(there is actually a test of 10 signs to check if you have nomophobia ) which could cause its sufferers to become out of balance, a word that reminds me of something else I learnt lately.

While going through my calendar for notable days, I discovered that March 8 is the International Women’s day and the theme this year,2019  is ‘Balance for Better’.

I think we all need Balance in our lives and because a picture says a thousand words, the organizers have asked that as part of the campaign, people do a pose with both hands out.

Well below is my own pose which I shall also share it on other social media platforms. I would love to see your pose so share yours today(#BalanceforBetter,#IWD2019) and tag me on Facebook,  Twitter or Instagram @Grace_Tom-Lawyer or if you prefer, use @dishusbandmata.



Hey, wait-I heard men can also participate in the hands out pose depicting balance. How generous.

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