Little Ones Teaching (LOT)Series

Paying the price

As long as there is more than one child in a house, there always be a case to settle.
Just ask any mum.

There’s always sibling rivalry. Just ask Eve.

My twins are no different.
They compete over everything.
And I mean everything.

The worst part is that they are so different.
Makes you wonder why they fight so much.

A few weeks ago, my daughter was selected to go for a competition to represent her school.
And her brother was not.

I thought he was fine with it until he asked to speak to me privately.

Him; “mummy, why did they pick my sister for the maths competition and not me ”

I actually had to ask the holy spirit for help because I didn’t want to hurt him but I couldn’t also make light of his sister’s achievement.

And yes, He helped me.

So I said ” what does your sister do when she has free time?”
He answered very reluctantly “she reads”

And I said “what does she do, before she sleeps?”

And he said “she reads”.

And I said “so what do you need to do to be selected”

He said in a very small and quiet voice “read”.

Am sure you have guessed he does not like reading.

So am asking you.

Are you reading your Bible?

Or are you just angry and always questioning why others seem to be making so much progress and not focused on learning from the word..

I personally know, that more you focus on the word.

The more you read, you understand the principles of life.
The more you understand what God’s plan for you.
The more you become outstanding in whatever you want to do.

When last did you read your Bible?

When last did you study the word in order to understand the solution to whatever it is that you are going through?

Even if you don’t have so much time or you are as busy as I am.

Have you tried getting an audio Bible?

Trust me it helps.

So be like my son, once you discover what you need, do it.

Yes, these days I see him randomly reading.
Not as much as his sister but it’s a start.

What of you?

Remember it’s in the studying that there is approval.

Read your Bible.
Study the word.

Need grace?

Talk to Jesus.
He’s just a prayer away.



Unyime is a certified system auditor and a cgartered accountant. She loves to read and writes regularly “Reflections from my children”. She is a mother of four with her oldest child being 14 and the youngest are a set of twins.She has a passion for God and natural skincare. Haircare and wellness.You can check her on and on Instagram on


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