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Dear Readers,

One of the great advantages of being alive is being able to learn and some of these learning could be accidental , although there are some times when our learning has to be deliberate because we are looking for a particular information .

It does not matter if deliberate or not, the essential thing about learning is being able to apply it to our lives .And because we all learn differently and learning comes in different shapes, we will be using this page to share what we learnt recently.

If you do have something you learnt recently and would like to share, please send to resources@dishusbandmata.com 

1. National Croissant’s Day

I don’t know about you but whenever I am in a conference or Breakfast meeting, I use the opportunity to eat somethings I would generally not buy. It is not because I cannot afford these things financially but because I am keeping an eye on the Calories watch. On a good day while shopping, I try not to buy anything on my “heavy calories” list. Not taking these things homes means home the temptation to eat them is not even an option. I am sure you might have somethings on your own list but my list This list includes Croissants which is one of the pastries I love to eat.

We Hope you Learn't something Today!


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