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    Finally ,my own baby! 2

    It was a beautiful day in December twelve years ago when I tied the knot with the love of my life. Like every young couple, my husband and I started looking forward to having an addition to our family, but that dream took 5 years, and honestly, those five years felt like 50 years! And with each passing month, I waited with anticipation only to be faced with disappointment whenever I saw my period.! “Aunty Flo” was as constant as the morning sun. As the months dragged  to years, I increasingly became worried. There were several times I cried myself to sleep.  When was this going to happen? Why was…

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    The Prep to Becoming 2

    Last week, Keisha was talking about the path to becoming and it was quite an insightful read. If you have not had the opportunity to do so, it may be better to do so now before continuing with this piece.     I have lived a few decades here and am yet to be able to count on one finger individuals whom I have met who have not expressed a desire to get married. This usually is a desire for several reasons- sometimes companionship, status, procreation and financial reasons to mention a few . But I have come to notice that not everyone who expresses this desire is actually bothering…

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