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    Living truly

    Last week’s article was thought provoking as the writer shared her heart out and although I am grateful that a lot of people were able to identify with her, I was pained that the experience was not an uncommon one. I have began to ask myself what can we do, or rather what can I do to make sure that people are in their homes and are happy. Perhaps  one of the ways to help will be to discourage  people from getting  involved in setting up homes that are doomed for disaster before they get married .This is  because sometimes  the decision to marry itself might be a bad compromise.…

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    Too Far

    I wanted to write about a beautiful experience  when I first got the invitation to contribute to this blog some months ago. Something I would read, that would bring a smile to my face as I would recount the memory.  Something he did right!  Oh there must be numerous examples to be honest … but I couldn’t remember anything I could actually write about.  I knew things hadn’t been great for a while but I didn’t realist how badly we had drifted from each other, until some three weeks ago.  I was looking for a particular file on my hard-drive – I couldn’t remember the name as I had saved…

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    Wisdom Of Compromise

      “Learn the wisdom of compromise, for it is better to bend a little than to break.” Jane Wells I came across this quote this past week and it kind of struck a cord with me. I mean on the surface it makes complete sense; you compromise a little and everyone is happy. But when we really think about it, what does compromise actually entail? I think we need to take a step and understand a few things before we can even think about compromising. Those things are preferences (a greater liking for an alternative over another) and prerequisites (core values that are the foundation).When we can differentiate between these…

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