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    Me,a Daddy’s girl?

    The month of June is here again and I look back to two years ago, when we could not celebrate Mother’s Day as usual and even the Father’s Day in June was met with mixed reactions. Although there were changes in the Lockdown rules, people could not really visit their father’s without thinking about putting them at risk. I am happy that we have the pandemic behind us now and hopefully visits to our Fathers in this month of June will be back to normal. But normal for me means I would not be paying my father a visit although let me admit, that the thought crossed my mind. I…

  • Family

    Me and My Dad

    I stopped by at my parents’ home a few weeks ago and met my family having some chill time in the living room.  Daddy was having dinner, and just because I turned up, he passed his almost finished dinner to me and said “here, I know you like this.”  I thought he just left me some soup, or was indirectly giving me his plate to wash, but a closer inspection revealed he had indeed left me a big piece of meat – snail to be exact – which I happen to really like.  It was a good day to visit home! My Dad and I have a simple relationship.  Nothing…

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