• Romance

    Shake It Off

      We’ve all done silly things we look back at and just shake our heads at. Most people know that breaking up is a hard process to go through. But it’s even harder when you need to decide if you should stay in touch with your ex after the breakup. This is where things get complicated. But remaining in each other’s lives makes moving on harder and slipping back very risky. Funny thing is, I was just talking to a girlfriend about this a couple of days ago. We were talking about our ex experiences, and I was remembering how my previous relationship ended amicably – which led me to…

  • Romance

    Learning Curve

    Let’s just start with the elephant in the room shall we? In my mere twenty five years on this beautiful planet, I have only ever been in one actual relationship. There, it’s all out now. To be honest, I still think I was too young for it to count but oh well. This relationship was a fast burner and looking back on it, I wouldn’t say I made mistakes per say. Our timing was just off. So if I had to pick out something that was an issue in this relationship, it’d be that I’m not an overly emotional expressive person. Public displays of affection was my biggest NO. Just…

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