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    When Love is a Lie

    She could never forget the first day it happened. As the drop of liquid landed on her body, her confusion about its source as well as its willingness to find its way on her arm puzzled her .Had  the tension  in the house gotten so bad that it blew the roof , temporarily ?Was it possible that it was raining in her house? How could it be one isolated drop?. She looked at her husband in utter disbelief and the gleam in his eyes was unmistakable. At the corner of his mouth was a sickening smile that had begun to form, he was glaring at her with a fake look…

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    My Help meet

    So, I’ve been trying to hold back on some comments but seeing as the year is gradually drawing to a close, I thought I should throw in one last rant before I get all sober and align myself to greater heights for 2019.  Even as I am typing, my toddler is trying to type with me and can’t understand why I am busy with something else.    I have never desired to be a stay-at-home Wife/Mom.  I have great respect for all who find themselves in this position, and even more for those who willingly choose this occupation, but I realised early in life that this is not my calling………

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    The Prep to ‘Becoming’

    When I think about my single days and the guys I met at various times, there are some comments and experiences which stand out in my thoughts.  For example, I remember getting to University and wanting to really experience what it was to be a ‘girlfriend’. While I had hung out with guys and attempted a long-distance relationship (which started while we were apart), I had never really been anyone’s girlfriend in what I thought was the proper sense of the word.  It didn’t take long to get ‘hooked up’ but the process wasn’t quite what I thought it would be.  My boyfriend was dark and very attractive, not a…

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    Let it go

    Forgiveness goes a long way in any friendship, sometimes overlooking others shortcomings will preserve the friendship for decades, when we look back, we won’t regret writing off their sins. Years ago in my first year in school, I had accommodation issues, I discussed my plight with another friend who told me she was sorry but can’t help me because she was squatting somewhere herself, so I went with her to her room where I met the lady (let’s call her Lola) squatting her and when I narrated my plight, Lola told me to join them in the already tight corner. I couldn’t believe it this is someone I just met…

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    Loving Against the Odds

    I know a lot of people who found maths to be one of the toughest challenges in life during high school.  It wasn’t so much that it was terrible, or all the teachers were horrible; it just presented challenges that the mind genuinely did not want to handle. Even numbers are beautiful! I gradually appreciated the usefulness of odd numbers until I met prime numbers. Does anyone remember being asked to find the square root of 13, or 19, or 97?  “Against the Odds” might sound like the title of a lovely romantic comedy, but when you have to love against the odds, and truly live through the process… Hmmm.…

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    Too Far

    I wanted to write about a beautiful experience  when I first got the invitation to contribute to this blog some months ago. Something I would read, that would bring a smile to my face as I would recount the memory.  Something he did right!  Oh there must be numerous examples to be honest … but I couldn’t remember anything I could actually write about.  I knew things hadn’t been great for a while but I didn’t realist how badly we had drifted from each other, until some three weeks ago.  I was looking for a particular file on my hard-drive – I couldn’t remember the name as I had saved…

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    Stopping the Blame Game

    This has not been an easy article to write mainly because its not cool talking about mistakes and regrets.  I personally prefer to erase them from my history but alas, that’s not possible.  It is also not fun to talk about a painful experience when you are still suffering the effects of your mistake.  I have a list the length of my arm about all the things I blame my husband for.  And to be fair, he probably is to blame for more than half the list! But I also have to look at my faults and make plans to conquer temptation, when it comes knocking again. For example, my…

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