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    Love is NOT enough

    If LOVE was what kept a marriage, then mine would have outshone eternity. I loved my husband and even the devil could testify to that. I had dreams for my home right from the time I was a child. Like almost every woman, I dreamt about the big day and the many happy loving years after that I had read about  in those girly novels. My husband(let’s call him Eugene) and I  met back in my home country and started a relationship which did not materialize, shortly after which he left the country. Not long after he relocated, I did also and we renewed contact. I had the right legal…

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    Three a crowd?

    So it was a competition ‘the worlds strongest man’.  The guys were flexing their muscles and doing their thing when this man came up.  He had the muscles and the mindset.  He was going to lift up this weight no matter what and he gave it all he had until snap!! His bone gave way!!  This was a physically impossible task for him!!  This is the way a pastor described Depression in one of his messages.  A stress that causes your mind to snap!!  When it is just more than your mind can handle. Sometimes your partner’s mind cannot also handle and there may be a need of some outside…

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