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    My 2 cents

    The average man sees women as mysteries to be solved but isn’t it fascinating that women can’t always figure out how a man’s mind works? Why else will l be writing this piece if men were the open books some claim to be? And if you’re beginning to think that a Daniel has come to judgement with the wisdom of a sage equipped to unravel the enigma that wakes up beside you each morning, l’m sorry to disappoint. I’m another bloke trying to feel my way in the dark, making sense of the vast, often poorly mapped out landscape called marriage. Maybe l should start by telling you my story.…

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    Effective Communication

    My 2017 was a roller-coaster ride. I experienced a lot of turbulences but I found that majority of the issues were more evident in my relationships. I saw last year as an epiphany process as it entailed things being exposed to me. (I was faced with some harsh truths about my relationships, my identity and most importantly where I stood in the midst of it all).I come from a big family with 5 children and being the first child has always meant that I don’t always get the chance to sulk. I was always the one to get the full weight of responsibilities or the lash of my parents frustrations…

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