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    The Prep to ‘Becoming’

    When I think about my single days and the guys I met at various times, there are some comments and experiences which stand out in my thoughts.  For example, I remember getting to University and wanting to really experience what it was to be a ‘girlfriend’. While I had hung out with guys and attempted a long-distance relationship (which started while we were apart), I had never really been anyone’s girlfriend in what I thought was the proper sense of the word.  It didn’t take long to get ‘hooked up’ but the process wasn’t quite what I thought it would be.  My boyfriend was dark and very attractive, not a…

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    Made for More….

    I had looked forward to being a wife so much so that it seemed being one was an end in itself.  I never really saw myself as anything more than a working wife and mother.  Somewhere along the way, I put a glass ceiling on any type of ambition and fulfilling my personal dreams which are not linked to anyone else.  I stopped dreaming full stop.  It was as if I no longer existed.  There were a few false attempts but I seemed to always chug to a stop content to continue the daily cycle of work and house chores. If I had not married when I did, I would…

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