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It is already a  few more weeks to the end of the year and the temptation to start winding down and postponing some of our dreams to the very next year is real. It seems safer and far less disappointing to dream that the issues we have will be resolved in another cycle of 365 days than in the next 24 days .
Whenever we come to this time of the year also, it seems most of the articles we come across are focused on Thanksgiving which we very often begrudge as we participate 

But the general essence of Thanksgiving is not just another tick box exercise in our end of year list. In reality just as there are many things we think cant happen in the year again, there are actually somethings that still happen.
Just this week , a close friend was telling me about the demise of another close friend of hers’ husband. This lady got married in her late thirties and her marriage is less than three years old, from something that looked like an acute attack on Sunday and was being treated by back and forth movements to the hospital, by wednesday her husband had died and just before the end of the first week of December , she had become a widow.
I do not need to recount more stories as I am sure , we all have our own versions. Several people who we started the year together  that are no more, several friends/siblings whose marriages fell apart during the course of the year and those who became financially handicapped due to one circumstance or the other are very much in our periphery.
But perhaps that may not be the case for everyone reading, some people I know have had the best year ever, long standing issues have been resolved and places where they hid their head and walked down in shame have become places where only the peacock can contest with them with the new spring in their feet, their head held up high because there has been a positive turn around .
However the matter is something we can all come to regardless of our circumstances simply because we are alive. Yes alive and well enough to read this , to appreciate the little things in life that we have the privilege of enjoying.

I want to crave our indulgence in the next  few weeks of the year, to find on a daily basis something to be grateful for and if you are looking for a place to start, one of my friends has been running for the 13th year an annual Thanksgiving series everyday in the month of December. She encourages us to be thankful for something different everyday of the week and can be found in the link

You may wish to check out the page but for us all in dishusbandmata, we are thankful today for life. Really thankful.
From a grateful heart,


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