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The Day After

Yesterday was a very significant day in the lives of most people. It was not just the adults but even many teenagers had looked forward to it.
It was a day to celebrate love and ironically, another day that could be a painful reminder for some people.
And sometimes this pain could have been caused by unmet expectations, as well as the discovery of betrayal/two-timing. Without much ado, yesterday probably defined most relationships.

I know of someone who proposed yesterday and got an affirmative answer, I equally know of a husband whose principle of non-celebration of  the day has always been that he did not believe in Valentine’s day as he loves his wife and shows her everyday (that would be really nice)
But now that the day is over, I believe it is another time to take a look at why we did or did not do some things, especially as some relationships seem to have been impacted greatly by the course of events of yesterday.

If your partner/significant other did not do anything(a friend actually confessed to me yesterday that he forgot and it was until his wife presented him with gifts he realized it was St. Valentine’s Day), does it actually spell a doom on your relationship and does that mean you are not loved exclusively?
Maybe you are still dating and yesterday, it seemed like nothing happened. Did that put a mark in your relationship and cast a spell of unfaithfulness on him/her? Or perhaps in the heat of passion yesterday, have you gone beyond your boundaries and now need the day after pill?

I think the 14th of February is just a day we can use to show or express love but we should not allow it be the only time we declare or show love to the people we say we love. Most of us would rather prefer that in our everyday lives with our bae/partners/, we are treated with consideration and love.

We usually tell intending couples not to put all their preparations into the wedding day only as there is a life after that day, which is where the real work is All the romance of yesterday will only make meaning if our actions the day after are consistent with love and thoughtfulness.
You will be surprised at how much more meaningful it would be to your spouse/significant other if you do random acts of love, not because it is their birthday, (don’t forget that please), anniversary or St Valentine’s Day (as expected).
I do hope you had a perfect St Valentine’s day (sometimes you need to state and discuss your expectations beforehand ) but would want us all to remember that there is a life and a place  and several opportunities to show love not only on St Valentine’s Day, but several days after.

Let us learn to put all of our love into our everyday ordinary lives, it is what makes Love so special, yes, even the day after counts.



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